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Arcade Manual Archive Radar Scope Schematics (PDF format). Same graphics quality as on other sites, meaning: poor. Some lines not readable. Beware: So called original manuals in paper form are not better... If you ever find better schematics please contact me.
The internet pinball database Large collection of pinball machines.
The International Arcade Museum Short info on all classical arcade games: Killer List of Video Games.
TAFA The Arcade Flyer Archive. For example enter 1980 and Nintendo to see Radar Scope flyers.
MAME Famous emulation project.
Home of the Z80 CPU Thomas Scherrer has lots of info on the Zilog Z80 CPU.
Aaron Giles MAME Memories Interesting technical insights of a MAME project member, for example how Color Proms work.
Matthieu Benoit

Resources for the ALL03 ALL03A HiLo Systems device programmer and tester. On his excellent home page a lot of other electrical engineering information can be found.

hackers sx70 logo George's Polaroid SX-70 pages The hacker's guide to the SX-70 and other nice stuff.
Outlane A beautiful collection of pinballs and arcade video games in Zurich, Switzerland.
iomedios Are you in Switzerland and need resolving a dispute? A third party, the mediator, assists you to negotiate a settlement.

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Other electronic repair/ datasheet / project issues

YC8256M voice recorder schematicRecently i was trying to repair a voice module kit (possibly about 10 years old from Völkner Elektronik, Braunschweig?) which used the YC8256M voice recorder IC and an 41256 RAM for storage and i could not find the schematics for it.

Thanks to Hans at the fu-berlin i was able to get a copy and this voice recorder kit is here for viewing for those interested in this application.

In addition, i got some application notes for the Winbond ISD1400 Series single-chip voice record / playback devices, the Winbond ISD2560/75/90/120 single chip, multiple messages voice record / playback devices, the ChipCorder ISD1400 and the ChipCorder ISD2500.